African Violet Rob's Mango Mongo

Ghana is that there are so many kinds of fruit, called by the names and many of us do not know what are the French or scientific names. Today, I had what we call mamadou Shkumbin. It is a small oval shaped fruit almost the size of a lemon (not the friendly giant GM in the United States). It is yellow on the outside. The Interior is fleshy Orange peach. There are usually 3-4 seeds that are black and are about an inch and the children used to play. The meat has a slightly acid taste and if you chew a couple of minutes, it is rubber continues to chew for the rest of the day as chewing gum vera! I did preliminary research online, and what I've found is a tropical fruit from Brazil called an Abihu. The family Sapotaceae. It is also known as the yellow star for Apple to Trinidad. Apparently, when ripe, the fruit is gelatinous and astringent. The only thing is that this result is apparently soft when ripe. And so the question is, is Armando Abiú and if so, eat green fruit all this time? 26/06/2013 Addendum: just wanted to reflect only the comments down below, as Eugenio de Apelaciones for Ga is not yellow/Abihu Caimito, Pouteria caimito but prefer apple White Star, Chrysophyllum albidum, also known as African star Apple. It is also in the family Sapotaceae. someone asked why is a nutritional analysis in the comments section. If you have access to the journal of science of food and agriculture, may be able to access this Nigerian 1982 article, nutritional value, and mineral content Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. This more scientific article says that it has 100 times the vitamin C of an orange. Impressive. The people in the comments has been suggested as well as other local names. Alessandro in Twi. Udara in Igbo (Nigeria). Thanks to the readers and commentators. This was a very exciting process. I am pleased to specifically identify the yooyi as a prize for velvet tamarind. For those of us who love its fruit almost an addiction. I think that we should make a dessert has it. A syrup for ice cream or sorbet. Suppression of the response. It also sought the fruit of Eleanor for a time. I am from Ghana but living in the United States, insofar as I can remember. Mamadou gentian is my favorite fruit, and Yes, the name must be that the guys at ALASAYou has done well to the description. Fleshy Interior gets very red african violet rob's mango mongo and soft when ripe. When it is not, its more pink and slightly mixing bitter sweet. Generally operators cut in half when they sell it to show redness because everyone is aware of the coordination of color and flavor. I luv Abdul much and I'm going to do a complete research article blown on this fruit on my next visit to homeland. Thank you guys, suppression of the response. I just discover the scientific name of the fruit I think that you arming its has as much in common with the abiu. But after a little research, I found that it is also known as Chrysophyllum albidum delete response. the right! that ' of botanical name, is called ' ' star ' ' white Apple some claims of research that could be used to help treat diabetes, heart disease and infections. Greetings to delete them all. Outside the fruit seems Abihu nunzia. However the Interior seems nothing. The skin is not as thick as the Abihu and the inside is not completely transparent. I think it has ' to the drawing board. so to speak. Suppression of the response. yooyi is the Velvet tamarind; as there are different types. Mamadou gentian is also my favorite! AWWW. Yet when I see him salivate! I don't know why! Suppression of the response. I agree with everyone, even if it matches the description of Abihu, think that the name shd remain nunzia. After all, kwashiokor was called by a doctor from Ghana and now is in the dictionary as such. AlbertaGhana delete response. I bought some putting together this afternoon in Accra and was very surprised when my husband tasted and said that he had never eaten before. When I was young, always look forward to nunzia season so we can take and have seeds to play with. Can researchers tell me the nutritional value of fruits? One as now and is very cute. Suppression of the response. Mamadou shkumbin, well, some of us Tony is called ad3sema or some call it al3sema, but in reality, the jam is so good! I ate about five years, and the guy was so good! It was a gift for our family and lasted only five days (a family of 8 n) haghi! Suppression of the response. Interesting to know ' m not looking only information about alansa and yooyi. Thank you very helpful response delete. But don ' t let yourself be lead by ' answers, because I wonder if yooyi is tamarind or velvet tamarind, which is black Berry? Delete. I would love says Spanish or call the Botanic nkati3 abrofu excuse me pls the DHT do not delete well with it,.