African Mango 6000 Uk

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your Internet browser, it will be. You need JavaScript either enabled in your browser, you can use this Web site. Please call us on + 44 1534 811028 if you need help. Registration date: from 2006Franchising: 2007Headquarters: description of the company in Dallas, Texas: the franchisee operates an exclusive retail frozen yogurt shop offers authentic frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts and other coatings, yoghurt drink and fruit nectars, drinks, probiotic foods yogurt and related products and services for consumers concerned with their consumption of health and serves as a service under the name of Red mango. Franchise red Mango: offer currently manages two franchise opportunities: the traditional self serve store of traditional stores. A traditional self-service store offer self-serve yogurt and a variety of variants. Decision from 1400 to 2000 square feet of commercial space and, usually, on a main road is in or near a shopping centre for sale at retail or in a urban store. A non-traditional shop offers limited seats (or z. (B. such as a commercial environment) and limited can offer the choice of product. Is typically about 250-800 square feet of commercial space is usually in a closed Mall, University campus, Medical Center, or any other market of home custody. Financial assistance: Red mango has no direct or indirect financing. Red mango note, rent or commitment does not guarantee to franchisees. Support and training: managing owners must attend and complete your initial training to the satisfaction of the franchisor. Currently, our initial training program is a program of 11 days with 10 days of class and in the formation of the market of labour in a certified training store visits and a day optional workshop. Rossi provides courses, seminars and other training programmes can make mango considered adequate. Run by the owner (or person key, if applicable), and other characteristics of a handful of employees, red should participate in these programs. In the first company that develops red handle available from each franchise store business hours five days ago offer support; There is no charge for the service, but franchisees must all african mango 6000 uk travel, cottage and cover for the available help, individuals. Territory: the franchisee receives no exclusive territory. The franchisee can competition from other franchises, stores, the concurrent mark red mango is owned by Red mango or other controlled distribution channels. If the position is detected, a protected agree. Shop in a shopping centre, the licensee must put any protected area. Otherwise, you will describe the protected area of a RADIUS in the shop. The minimum and protected area to a non-Mall location will be a kilometre radius. Be excluded from the protected area in a protected area, red mango closed markets places. This includes all serve as a prisoner, stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, parks, places of interest, airports, railway stations, casinos, universities and schools, arenas, stadiums, including the materials and equipment of any type of food or beverage service have the rights to third persons or parties. The franchise and renewal agreement term: the term of the franchise for a traditional store is the old to 10 years, or (b) 11 years after the date of the franchise after the opening of the shop of the company to the public. The duration of the franchise for a non-traditional, it is that the memory of the former (a) five years after the companies store opens to the public, or (b) six years after the date of the franchise. The franchisee can franchising rights two other occasions, which spans five years. The obligations and restrictions: business franchise must be owners of local government under the supervision. If the affiliate is an individual or general partnership that the Director-general will be the owner of the individual deductible or the general partner. If the affiliate is a legal person, the lessor must impose by at least 10% of the business unit. Management owner, our program of initial formation with complete success and should devote efforts full time to the management and operation of the franchised business. If the franchisee operates several red operate stores, must be appointed if the holder of the Executive Director will focus the efforts of management and operation of the store, then in addition to the management of the owner, it is no time to finish the individual buttons as. The individual key does not require an investment in the franchise, but he must have completed initial training to our satisfaction. Licensee must offer and sell all menu items, red mango and requires that menu items, that have been approved. Estimate of the number of units: 245 tables of investment: first investment: traditional shop:. $50 (which increases to $100 per second or more NSF a period continues 12 months), as well as the costs and expenses of Red mango franchisees are default. $1 500 for each individual franchise per day more travel, accommodation and cost of those individuals assigned to restaurants, while he or she provides assistance. -Transfer speed (to pay, if the owners have been transferred or one or more transfers of minority-owned). -Rate (useful if the franchisee is his interest in the franchise to all or almost of the assets of the company, as a transfer of the franchise brought to the Association or transfers a portion) transfer. They contain an amount equal to the current franchise fee was first divided by the number of days that is multiplied during the original with the number of days at time of purchase. You can enter only 15 points in your order list. To request information from your selected company, simply fill out the form and click on send. OK, understand, .